"Life is an adventure waiting to be discovered". -Nia 

"You are your greatest adventure." -Nia

Let the Adventures begin with Nia & Ntombi

Hi! I’m Nia,
Founder & CEO of Nia & Ntombi Adventures 

As a young adolescent I possessed an innate ability for "giving." If there was a need, it was natural for me to try and make it happen. It was like breathing. As an adult, this inner sense of giving has since seasoned to a deeper meaning and larger cause. This gift of grace helped to shape my life beyond my understanding.

It’s crazy how some things in life never leave us, but instead increase in greater manifestation of purpose. Now days, I find that I’m wiser and the meaning of giving to those in need has a more profound impact on my life calling.

I make it a point to continue the tradition of the little girl I once was. I endeavor to spread cheer, love and laughter to those near and far. Today, I examine my life with an attitude of gratitude as a strong black woman, a committed wife, a devoted mother to six young adults, and a pet owner of two purebred Boxers. Life is grand right! 

My platform is to spread awareness to the power of "giving selflessly". While traveling with Ntombi, I have made friends all over the globe simply by “giving of myself and my time.” Ntombi helped me to gain strength and courage to share my message of community giving. Our work does not go in vain. Today, I have friends throughout America, in Brazil, the United Kingdom etc.

 I must say, early on as we travel the world while on our missions, we were approached with many stares and confused looks by the public. Society sometimes looked at me as “unmoral” or “weird” because who walks around with a monkey doll right?

Trust me, I’ve seen it all, from frowns, to laughs, to snickers, to being whispered about all while in plain view of me. These incidents my friends, taught me so much about myself and for that, I am eternally grateful. I had one of two choices to make. Either "stop" or "go forth" with what I believe serves a greater purpose, not just for me but for others to see.

It's often easy to past judgment and criticize others without considering their life journey. However, the unsolicited opinion of others helped to shape my character and mold me into a greater version of who I am today. It taught me to ultimately live my life without fear and free of judgment and regret. I refuse to allow the negative words or unbecoming action of others to impede my growth.

In fact, it has done the opposite, it has fueled me to press on and soar to new heights. I embrace the fact that I am uniquely made in my own right. As is true for each of us! I can no longer allow the pointless views of others to hinder or stop me from living my life purpose to the fullest.

My life adventure may be different from yours but we all have to persevere with persistence and resilience to find confidence to live outside the box of limitation. As we move forward with our work, Ntombi and I will continue to travel the world to spread consciousness through giving and add smiles to those who need love, support, and encouragement.

There comes a time in life when we all have to “Just Do It” one step at a time. It is with a heart of gratefulness that we invite you to take this journey with us. There is an adventure that awaits you. Are you willing to explore what that is?

From Us to You,
“Remember to live life without fear.”

"Life is meant for great friends and great adventures" 

Hi there! It’s me, Ntombi, the adventure monkey! (pronounced “na-tom-bi”) Nia and I travel across the world doing charity events, making friends, and bringing laughs and smiles to so many. So far I’ve traveled to New York City, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C., Charlotte, N.C., Philadelphia, P.A., Nassau Bahamas, and more. Will your city be next?


We are servants who consider it a honor to help water the gardens of community through meaningful relationships, while upholding integrity to those we serve.  


We are committed and dedicated to serving others through creativity that brings change, create smiles and offer hope. We want to give you adventures keys to unlock the inner child that's waiting to discover the hidden treasure of all that life has to offers.


We travel the world to uplift, equip and empower others to see life through the lens of a Explorer. We want you to live life's adventure free of false words, negative thoughts, low self-esteem, doubt, fear, and everything that hidden growth and progression.


Our Mission is to spread love, laughter and optimism through engaging storytelling, community engagement, toy and food drives, etc. We invite you to take this amazing journey with us as we explore freedom that comes with endless possibilities.

"Live Your Life Like An Adventure"

Adventure: an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.